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When you first approach Quince, you see a contemporary town-house but once you enter, it becomes the fusion of a classic french summer home and a traveller’s souvenirs with a bright airy atmosphere. The interior is fantastic, with every small aspect accounted for - from the chandeliers to the plates. While the restaurant is known for it’s slightly slow service, the food is worth the wait - with an array of different options, all of them beautifully presented and good to the taste buds. Overall, Quince is worth a trip, you can reach it by taking the Phrom Phong BTS, 11.30-01.00, Sukhumvit Soi 45.

Quince Eatery and Bar  Interior, Bangkok : Sukhumvit soi 45.

Exploring Singapore - along Armenian Street.

National Geographic’s photography exhibition at the Singapore ArtScience Museum.

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